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Since 1999, Merit has evolved from being a private equity boutique house, dealing with retirement funds as primary client base, to a sort after value adding deal-making house focused on international deal-making, investment banking activities and equity participation.
Merit’s historical roots are in South Africa and over the past two decades expanded to be active in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Caspian Sea region.

The Merit brand is known for:
  • conceptualising, originating and executing deals
  • solving complex investment problems
  • having the versatility of understanding the diversified multicultural stakeholder environments
  • applying our investment skills to be relevant to what emerging markets require to build their economies
  • opening new strategic markets for international clients
  • deepening our clients’ in industry value chain
  • driving regional integration
  • promoting Africa as an attractive investment destination
  • driving business partnerships between Africa and Emerging Markets
  • the practical expertise of conscious sustainable capital allocation.

Merit’s client base ranges from African multinationals, foreign governments & institutions to international companies.

Everything Merit is engaged in is premised on research, fundamental analysis, strategy, creativity, out of the box thinking, understanding the highest values of stakeholders, having an integrated approach to value creation and attention to detail. All of this as a given is underpinned by passion, innovation and excellence.


Habika Investment Trust (Habika) mandate is to contribute to the respect, honour and dignity of the People of Africa and Emerging Markets.
Habika is the 100% shareholder of Merit Group of Companies. Habika uses the smart partnership model and partners with other Trusts, Foundations and Institutions that are focused on similar mandates as herself to advance and develop Humanity.
Habika is focused on building a strategic investment portfolio whose annuity streams is used for humanitarian and development advancements.

The investment themes Habika focuses on are:
  • Food security
  • Energy Security
  • Water Security
  • Logistics Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrialisation of Africa
The humanitarian and development areas that Habika focuses on are:
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Capital Development
  • Infrastructure Project Conceptualisation
  • Economic Transformation
  • Women and Children


Hawa Bibi Khan is a global African business woman who is a pioneer and leader in the alternative investments, consciousness capital and international partnerships and facilitation arena.

She is the Founder of the Merit Group of Companies, Habika Investment Trust and Ametrine.

Hawa trained as a chartered accountant and private equity fund manager. She is part of the first generation of Black and Women Investment professionals in the post-apartheid South Africa. She established her reputation in deal conceptualisation, origination and value creation; M&A activities; post investment value creation; private equity development funds and social responsibility investment funds space that is focused on quantum shifting Africa away from its colonial history.

Hawa is passionate about deepening international business partnerships in the Africa, Turkey and Asia region, which she believes are critical players in a new civilization and creation of a New World Order.

Her companies act as a value creation bridge between companies from the different regions due to her global business, multicultural, multi-lingual, interfaith background and understanding.

Hawa dedicates her life to the creation of global African, Turkish and Asian companies through innovative models of partnerships, value creation, integration and strategic market access.

Hawa is a member of the BRICS Business Forum, BRICS Financial Services Working Group and council member of the Nelson Mandela University.
She is an advisor to numerous international NGOs, foreign governments and business chambers. Her international speaking engagements entails demystifying Africa - unpacking Africa, its investment potential, sector focus and models of sustainable partnerships Africa seeks.

Hawa is a student of Eyup Al Ansari, Rumi, Ibn Sina, Confucius, St Francis of Assisi, Nelson Mandela, Ali Mazrui, APJ Kalam, Yunus Mohammed, Mother Theresa, Warren Buffett and George Soros. Her work entails the integration of all the values and principles that her Teachers embody. She uses this as inspiration to drive new forms of sustainable partnerships with new instruments to contribute to a civilization that is based on service, humanity and consciousness.

Hawa is equally passionate about integrating body, mind, heart and soul with intellect consciousness in the business and personal world of Leaders to serve the Oneness of Humanity.

She devotes her existence to the economic, social and consciousness wellbeing of Humanity with emphasis on Women and Children.

It is a privilege, honor and humbling experience for Hawa Bibi Khan to serve Africa and the People of the World.


The values and ethos of the Merit team is embedded in consciousness, values, discipline, value creation, problem solving, openness, cultural diversity, living with their highest purpose and values and being of service to Humanity.

The Merit team is made up of professionals and entrepreneurs whose expertise range from:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Private Equity
  • Fund Management
  • Structured Finance
  • Actuarial Science
  • Risk Management
  • International Relations
  • International Finance
  • Legal
  • Project Management
  • IT
  • Brand Management and Development


  • Passion | Innovation | Excellence
  • Discipline and Attention to detail is our highest values.
  • We use meditation, reflection and divine inspiration as a starting point for all projects and initiatives we engaged with. This is followed up by undertaking investment research and fundamental analysis for diagnostics, for supporting our ideas/inspiration and developing understanding to find the angles to develop value proposition and/or create value.
  • Everything we do is underpinned to serve and advance interests of Society and Humanity.
  • We work with the Leader/Custodian of Institution/Company in leadership consciousness space to shift and transform their values and open their gifts in the deepest dimension and energise the projects we are undertaking with them.
  • We have to believe in what we doing for us to undertake the project.
  • We focused on connecting and engaging with the highest values of the stakeholders we engaged with to create mutual value.


  • Technical, investment, financial, projects skills
  • Strategy, big picture creation, high level negotiation
  • Ideas translated into projects translated into execution
  • Politics and Geo-politics – local, national and global level
  • Understanding of Global economy and systems
  • Socio-economics, poverty and development
  • Spirituality, healing and consciousness
  • Leadership Development & Life Purpose Consciousness
  • Regional integration and emerging markets
  • International partnerships & deal-making
  • Opening of Strategic Markets and Market Development
  • Understanding and trained in both Western and Eastern systems of business, culture and values
  • Global and local networks in public and private sector
  • Multi-lingual, multi-faith & multi-cultural


Alchemy is the process of transforming something from one thing to another. Our alchemical tools are applying Habika, Ametrine and Merit building blocks & values in an integrated manner to create value and/or execute projects for our Clients & Partners.

Merit has evolved into 3 brands over 20 years with different consciousness, expertise and value focus. Each brand’s value acts as a guide to whom Merit works with. In a converged manner they create value for our Partners and Clients.

Habika =
Focused on Service to Humanity and partnering with Companies, Foundations and Institutions focused on advancement and development of Humanity and that have same values consciousness as Habika.

Ametrine =
Leadership development and life purpose consciousness that translates into transformed business modelling and value expansiveness.

Merit =
Project & transaction advisory, investment banking activities, equity participations, international partnerships, deal-making and market development.





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